M14-1 Lite Propane Scare Cannon

Compact, portable, and rugged, the M14-1 Lite is a propane-fueled, sonic-scare cannon designed to humanely discourage wildlife from occupying undesirable locations. The M14-1 Lite provides a compelling list of features – such as an electronic ignition and timer, all weather durability, and compatibility with a variety of activation modules – all in one integrated, cost-conscious package.

M14-1 Standard Collapsible Tripod (+ $159.95 )
M14-1 Tripod Extension Kit (+ $29.95 )
M14-1 Tripod Stabilizing Feet (+ $29.95 )
M14-1 Programmable Timer (+ $99.95 )
M14-1 Battery Charger (+ $19.95 )
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A wide-shot image showing many rows of red soil with small, leafy plants on a farm.


Accurate and Reliable

Adjustable electronic ignition timer and multi-shot capability.

Includes Monopod Stake

Includes a heavy-duty, 24-inch monopod ground stake to secure and elevate the M14-1 Lite above low-lying vegetation and debris.

Where to Use It

The M14-1 Lite offers a compact, light weight design without compromising capability. Weighing under 18 lbs with its sturdy monopod (not including the user-supplied propane tank or battery), the M14-1 Lite is easy to operate and transport.

Industrial & Marine

Details and Specs

Sound DistanceUp to 5–10 acres
Blast Volume130 dB (adjustable)
Blast Interval30 sec–2 hr with 2 Random Modes and Multi-Shot (1, 2, or 3)
Power TypePropane + Battery (not included)
UsageAbout 20,000 detonations per 20-lb tank
Electrical Draw< 0.2 mA Standby
0.0004 Ah Per Cycle
Battery Required12 VDC Lead-Acid
Deep Cycle (≥30 Ah)
Dimensions (without tripod)40″ L × 10″ W × 5″ H
WeightCannon: 17.5 lbs
Tripod: 8 lbs
Shipping: 27 lbs
Additional Information
Operating Temperature Range−5–140° F
Emissions ComplianceFCC: Part 15, Subpart B
ICES: 001, Issue 4
EN: 61000-6-3:2007
After Purchase
ManualsUser Manual – PDF [138 KB]  
Filter Cleaning Procedure Manual – PDF [277 KB]  
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee

What's Included

  • M14-1 Lite Propane Scare Cannon
  • 24″ Monopod stake
  • Hoses and regulator
  • Battery Cables
  • M14-1 Lite User Manual



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