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Bird Gard® Digital Technology

The Bird Gard Difference

Bird Gard strives to be the premier manufacturer of electronic bird products sold worldwide. From conceptual design through engineering, manufacturing and marketing, Bird Gard is committed to the highest standards of quality and excellence. Bird Gard is proud to offer their line of environmentally friendly products.

Sound Technology

Bird Gard's products are based on the premise that there are certain sounds, or combinations of sounds, that act as a natural repellent and will drive away unwanted or dangerous birds. Bird Gard products use digital quality recordings of actual bird distress and predator calls and annoying electronic harassment sounds to repel birds by creating a hostile environment where the birds feel threatened and uncomfortable. These sounds are broadcast by a microprocessor and output through high-fidelity speakers. The sounds will not degrade over time since they are all digital recordings.

Each bird repelling system features multiple sounds that are fully selectable and programmable for customized operation. Each unit includes eight different recorded sounds, each of which can be turned on or off by the user. Each unit incorporates a random mode that plays the selected sounds in a random order at a random frequency and then remains silent for a random length of time before playing the sounds again in a different order.

All of this is done to keep the birds from becoming accustomed to hearing the same sounds at the same time intervals. All units (except the Super Pro AMP) can be powered by AC current or a 12-volt battery (which can be charged by an optional solar panel).