Hawk Decoy

This is a life-like Red-Tailed Hawk Decoy used to scare pest birds away from balconies, gardens, fruit trees, buildings and other areas where birds or rodents have become a problem. Birds will avoid areas near the decoy, and move on to a more secure spot. The Hawk Decoy can be used in much the same way as owl decoys.
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How It Works

Installation is simple, and takes just seconds:

Option 1

Use the hole in the hawk's base to fill it with sand or gravel to weight it down.

Option 2

Hang the hawk from it's loop conveniently located on top of it's head.

Details and Specs

SpeciesRed-Tailed Hawk
HeightAbout 16″
Diameter6″ at the base
After Purchase
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
90-Day Money-Back Guarantee



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