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Guardian G2 Single Rotary Propane Cannon + Tripod

The Guardian G2 Single Rotary cannon covers up to 7–10 acres, based on the layout and topography of your land. This cannon comes with a fixed, non-telescoping barrel to ensure powerful and consistent blasts of sound. The included tripod allows you to lift your cannon up to 5 feet off the ground, and it will rotate 90° with each blast. This improves the sound distribution and effective range of your cannon.

Save 15% off $99+ with code BYE2020

Guardian G2 Automatic On/Off Timer (+ $114.95 )

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Buying Options

Buying Options

The standard Guardian-2 Propane Cannon sits low to the ground and includes a telescoping barrel to adjust your sound output.

If you need to expand your coverage area, the Guardian-2 Single Rotary includes a 5-foot tripod to raise your cannon up higher. It also features a fixed (non-telescoping) barrel for maximum 120 dB blasts.


An apple orchard. The camera is looking through an arch made up of a single branch.



Raise your Rotary Cannon up to 5″ off the ground to clear taller crops.


Rotates 90° with each blast for ultimate sound distribution and improved range.

Additional Features

Powerful & Customizable

Blast intervals can be set 1–30 minutes apart, and a fixed barrel allows for consistent 120 dB blasts.

Weather Resistant & Ultra Visible

Made from a durable zinc plating, the G2 Cannon will function in any weather condition. It is painted a bright red color making the cannon highly visible and easy to spot amongst your crops.

Easy to Maintain

Unlike other cannons on the market, our Guardian cannons don't require any proprietary parts. This saves you money and time, because if you ever need something like a simple spark plug, you can pick one up at your local automotive store.

Where To Use

Farms, Orchards, Vineyards, and other Agricultural Industries
Harbors, Marinas, Docks, and Cargo Ports
Construction Sites & Landfills

How It Works

Just set it and forget it!

The G2 Propane Scare Cannon is our hassle-free solution to your pest problem. The G2 Cannon will work with propane or butane gas. The adjustable blast intervals can be set between 1 minute and 30 minutes. With the fixed barrel, you will get consistent 120 dB blasts. The rotating tripod will move the cannon 90° with each blast for ultimate sound coverage. Simply place the cannon in the desired area, hook up the propane tank and let the cannon do the work for you. One G2 Cannon covers an area of up to 10 acres depending on the topography and shape of your land.

60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Risk free. Your problem will be solved within 60 days or we'll happily refund the product price.

Details and Specs

Sound DistanceUp to 10 acres
Blast Volume120 dB
Blast IntervalAdjustable 1 minute–30 minutes
Power TypePropane
UsageAbout 17,000 detonations
(per 20-lb tank)
Dimensions26″ L × 11″ W × 16″ H
Without tripod.
Weight17.5 lbs
After Purchase
Cannon ManualPDF [183 KB]  
Tripod ManualPDF [165 KB]  
Optional Timer ManualPDF [452 KB]  
Warranty1-Year manufacturer's warranty
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee


  • Guardian G2 Propane Cannon with Fixed Barrel
  • 5-Foot Rotating Tripod
  • Hoses and Regulator



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