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Bird Gard® Super Pro PA4


Specifically for large birds and water fowl, the Bird Gard Super Pro PA4 broadcasts bird distress calls at a lower frequency than our other units, consistent with the lower-frequency calls of large birds. This system is optimal for great blue herons, wild turkeys, Canada geese, and other large birds or water fowl. The PA4 can also be used to repel deer.

All Bird Gard products have a full one-year money-back guarantee!

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Two geese stand in a green field with a small pond. In the distance, white buildings and palm trees stand tall.



Bird Gard PA-4 covers 1 acre per speaker, for up to 4 acres of customizeable protection.

Weather Resistant

NEMA-rated weather-resistant enclosure protects your investment from rain, wind, heat, and storms.

Additional Features

Fully Customizable Operation

Run your Bird Gard unit during the daytime only, or with random 24/7 broadcast for optimal results.

Multiple Power Options

Includes an AC adapter, battery cables, and options for solar panel upgrades.

Where To Use

Use Bird Gard for Crops, Orchards, Vineyards, Boardwalks, Marinas, Beaches, Parks and other Open Areas.

The unit needs to face the area that is affected, and should be mounted on a wooden post or metal pole at a height of 4–6 feet above ground level. For an agricultural setting, the unit should be placed 2–3 feet above the level of the crop. With crops that grow fairly high some speakers may need to be lowered so that sound is also protecting the area under the tree canopy.

Parks & Golf Courses
Orchards & Vineyards
Construction Sites & Landfills

How It Works

The Bird Gard Super Pro PA4 unit offers complete protection for an area affected by large birds or water fowl. PA speakers, which attach to the main Super Pro PA4 unit, offer one acre of protection per speaker. The unit comes with 1 PA speaker (with 100 ft. of cable), but 3 additional PA speakers can be added if you need additional protection. This unit is specifically designed to address problems with large birds and water fowl because the lower-frequencies sounds it projects are consistent with the natural calls of large birds or water fowl.

In order to prevent birds from becoming habituated, random bird calls are broadcast out of random PA speakers (if your unit has multiple speakers) continuously, at varying frequencies. Additionally, sound cards (each card with 8 sounds) can be easily replaced on the unit to have an even more extensive variety of calls projected. A light sensor in the unit can operate the unit during daylight, nighttime, or both, offering protection of your marina, orchard, farm, or warehouse whenever you need it.

Repels large birds like geese, wild turkeys, herons, egrets, cormorants, and other water fowl.

Please allow 6–8 weeks for full results — remember, Bird Gard products are covered by a full one-year money-back guarantee!

Video: Installation & Setup

Learn how to install and operate your Bird Gard Super Pro PA4.

Details and Specs

Coverage (Per Speaker)Up to 1 acres away
Frequency500–5,000 Hz
Power Input12 vDC (1 amp)
Shipping Sizes
Dimensions19″ × 13″ × 7″
Weight7 lbs, 14 oz
After Purchase
ManualPDF [290 KB]  
Warranty1-Year Money-Back Guarantee
Additional Info
UL/CUL/CE ListedEPA Establishment Number 075130-OR-001

What's Included

  • Bird Gard Super Pro PA4
  • Interchangeable sound card
  • PA Speaker with 100 feet of cable
  • 6-Foot AC Adapter
  • Battery Cables with Clips



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