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Pest Repeller Ultimate® AT vs. the Competition

Not all pest repellers are created equal...

The market has been flooded with cheap, poorly designed pest repellers that make big claims at ridiculously low prices. Not only do these knock-off repellers have less features, their inadequate construction can put you and your home at risk.

We had our product development team do a thorough review of a few of these copycats and compare their quality versus the Pest Repeller Ultimate AT. See how they stacked up below:

Competitor Example 1

Quality Assessment: POOR — Major Safety Risk

Competitor Example 1
  1. The improperly colored high gauge wires were reversed in assembly, causing a direct short and explosion (see blackened area). Having the circuit board’s open contacts so close to an unprotected medium-voltage source like this is a very dangerous design, and may have started a fire.
  2. There are no additional safety devices such as a fuse. If a short circuit or overloading of electricity occurs, a fuse protects the circuit board from blowing up.
  3. The circuit board does not sit parallel to the back housing, indicating careless design criteria.

Competitor Example 2

Quality assessment: POOR — Multiple Safety Risks

Competitor Example 2
  1. Again, there are no additional safety devices such as a fuse. If a short circuit or overloading of electricity occurs, a fuse protects the circuit board from blowing up.
  2. Extremely dirty plastics suggest poor manufacturing conditions and lack of quality control standards. The transducer (speaker) which emits ultrasonic sound is the cheapest, lowest quality type available (piezo).
  3. It does not have an inductor so no electromagnetic capability. Since there is no inductor, it cannot repel pests living inside walls.
  4. Uses awkward component mounting. This is likely to reduce the size of the circuit board and shave cents off their manufacturing costs — at your expense.

Pest Repeller Ultimate AT

Quality assessment: SUPERIOR

Pest Repeller Ultimate AT - Interior Circuitry
  1. Unlike the cheaper repellers, the AC prongs have clearance between the circuit board making it very safe to use. The wires are larger gauge and colored appropriately to easily distinguish between them.
  2. The power supply section has a fuse. This provides an additional layer of safety should there be a power surge.
  3. Plastic has a consistent color and feature lines that are sharp and clean. This shows the superior molds and high quality control standards.
  4. The secondary circuit board is insulated and features the necessary supporting electronics for high-power output from the ultrasonic speaker.
  5. The Ultimate AT has a coil inductor. This gives the Ultimate AT electromagnetic capability so you can get rid of pests living inside your walls.

And finally, when you buy from Good Life® your purchase is backed by our 60-day money-back guarantee and amazing customer service team. Any time you have questions or need support, you can call us at 1-800-657-8214, start a live chat, or send us a message.

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